PAELLA with prAwns


Arborio Superfine rice 300g, one red pepper 300g, one aubergine 250g, courgettes 250g, 12 prawns, one little onion, saffron, (fish or vegetable) stock, olive oil, salt


Burn the pepper, peel it, remove the stalk and seeds, then slice it thin. Slice the onion and roast it in a big pan (or in the special pan for paella, if you have it) with some oil. Add the aubergine cut into little cubes, roast it well, then add the rice and brown it. Cover it with hot stock (almost ¾ of a litre). After 8 minutes of cooking, add the courgettes cut into little cubes too, the saffron, the salt, the prawns (after having made a cut in the shell) and let it cook without stirring. When the stock is soaked up completely (about 8 minutes), your paella is ready. Garnish it with some slices of red pepper and serve it immediately.

Time and difficulty

40 minutes – medium