FChicken liver and heart 600g, tomatoes for sauce 600g, Roma superfine rice 400g, butter 100g, 1 onion, dry white wine, beef stock, Parmesan cheese.


Clean the liver, eliminating all pellicles and possible remainders of bile. Wash it and cut into pieces. Chop up the heart. Chop up the onion and roast it in a pan with 60g of butter. Add liver and heart, brown them and then add a glass of wine. When the wine is evaporated, add the peeled tomatoes (with no seeds and slid very thin). Boil a litre of stock. When the sauce is reduced enough, remove half of it and keep it apart and warm. In the other half of the sauce pour the rice, roast it for a while and then cook it by adding hot stock little by little. When the rice is almost cooked, take it away from the burner and add 3 spoonful of grated Parmesan cheese. Put it in a crown mould greased with butter, then turn it out on a round serving dish and pour the sauce you had kept warm in the middle of it. Serve immediately.

Time and difficulty

40 minutes – medium